Entry #43

It's Official. I'm Part of a band.

2017-06-01 22:44:59 by Seprix

I'm working on an album with my brother and a friend of his. When it drops, you'll know where to find it. In this news feed. I'm very excited for this project. The music is excellent. The recording demos are awful, but none of that will matter when it goes to the studio for recording.


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2017-06-02 03:16:31

I didn't know you're a member of a band!

Seprix responds:

Besides the cringefest that I call my own band where I am the only member, I wasn't until a couple of days ago.


2017-06-02 05:03:39

Nice; what do you play in it? ^_^

Seprix responds:

Just keyboard. Maybe I'll be mixing it, but I've been vouching for the members to get a professional mixer if possible.


2017-06-05 11:59:49

No No Nooooo not "AWFUL" but "IN PROGRESS" anything that is "not good" is rather "not good YET"
And what do people do in bands anyway...? Robbing banks? Well in that case i will reccomend robbing medium sized banks, preferably under 5 litres , containing honey or jam (they are easier to sell afterwards) But still how does any of this related to musi.................?

Well... in that case your band will steal only shows. And it will steal AAAALLL THE SHOWS!!!!!
Yaya i have a few magic screens that "stream the future on your screen™"

there's a stadium of people and everyone is screaming "Seprix" "Seprix"

i wonder what that means ...

oh and really what does your name mean? :3
(i noticed a bit of a problem with great musicians having some unusual names, that are hard to remember, or maybe i just miss something obvious? like for me Seprix doesn't connect with anything and i still having trouble remembering it... ohhh sorry sorry i like it though but ... you know... okay nobody asked me about it so i better just ...
PLUS if a whole stadium of people screams in the future the it has to mean something cool, i just don't know it yet. Then i need to be around that stadium too. Maybe if i scream it along a huge crowd of fellow fans it will give it a new meaning. That would exceed anything it originally supposed to mean.